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    Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.

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    Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.

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    Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.

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  • Misool - Raja Ampat

    Our comprehensive travel guide to one of the world's most premiere eco resorts, from how to get there, what to bring, and the best ways to enjoy this incredible experience. Flying in: Access to Misool is via Sorong Airport (SOQ) in West Papua. This is also the gateway airport to most of Raja Ampat. Jakarta has 2 direct flights a day from both Batik and Garuda (the national airline). These flights leave around midnight and arrive at around 6AM in Sorong. So be prepared for a red-eye flight and some relaxation when you arrive. You can also fly into Sorong from other locations within Indonesia (e.g. Manado, and Bali), so if this is a longer trip, you may want to consider seeing more of the country before departing for Misool. The 6 AM arrival time is synchronized with the departure of many of the liveaboards, as well as the high-speed boat provided by the resort which leaves at 8 AM. Unfortunately, there are times when the flights get canceled, so it's advisable to get there a day earlier and use the time to rest up for your adventure. Arriving in Jakarta you may find yourself with a day long layover between flights, or you may get in too late to catch the midnight flight to Sorong. In either case, there are options to grab a room at one of the hotels at the airport, or one nearby with a shuttle service. We highly recommend the FM7 hotel, which is a 5-minute shuttle ride to the airport that runs every hour. The Aston Hotel is brand new and directly across from the airport. If you make layover arrangements with them, the Ashton staff will pick you up at the airport and the Misool team will pick you up the next morning, fresh and ready to go. If traveling from the US to Jakarta , you will most likely transit from either Japan (Hanada) or South Korea (Seoul) to make your connection onward. JAL and Korean Air both have daily non-stops. From the East coast and Europe, you also have options to fly with other carriers who have 1 stop connections through other countries (Singapore, UAE). If you want to explore while in Jakarta, make sure you get local currency for the taxis as they do not accept credit cards. Pro tip: Bluebird taxi's are very reliable and reasonable. Stay away from unmarked taxi's or anyone who wants to collect in advance. Your last leg of the journey to Misool will a 5-hour trip on a high-speed boat passing many islands and the open sea. The resort will provide snacks and drinks during the trip, so if you are hungry, make sure you eat breakfast before the ride. For those who get seasick, Bonine or any equivalent anti-nausea medication is suggested (start taking it the day before). Things to Know Insurance: Having medical and dive travel insurance is highly recommended given the remote location and facilities available in Sorong. DAN insurance is a must for anyone diving, given the distance to medical services and evacuation should you need it. Trip insurance has some benefits if you miss the boat, your luggage doesn't arrive, or other issues occur on your way there, or returning home. Hiring a boat to get to Misool if you miss the departure could be costly, beyond the lost days. Money: You don't need IDR at Misool. They will settle your bill with a credit card (VISA) at departure, or you can bring USD and donate the difference to the Foundation:). If you have IDR left over from Jakarta they will gladly accept that as well. Tipping: Is not a normal custom in Indonesia. It's happily accepted, but don't think US level of tipping percentages. Rounding up a taxi fare works fine. Misool staff do not expect tips, but you can certainly do something nice for any of the staff, especially the dive masters, who will take good care of you with personal service. Water Temperature and Weather: Year-round the water and air temperature will vary very little. Sea temperature from 81-85, and air from 75-85 (and humid). You can check the month you are going for rain, but it mostly falls at night and in the afternoon for short periods of time. Packing: Pack as light as you can and with carry-on luggage. While at Misool you can easily rinse anything in the outdoor showers, hang them up to dry and the sun will do the rest. Using a backpack and a carry-on suitcase, pack the critical items that you need to enjoy your adventure. That expensive camera, regulator, prescription mask, etc. Dress is casual and comfortable with light colors and long sleeves to stay cool and cover up from the sun, plus any mosquitoes that may be present (they keep them abated). You will be walking quite a bit from your cottage to the restaurant and hive, so bring some comfortable sandals or water-tolerant footwear after diving or snorkeling. You must bring reef-safe sunscreen, or you can purchase it at the resort. They will provide the basic shower amenities. Things to Do: Diving The diving is nothing short of spectacular. Starting with the lagoon and house reef, which is full of activity from turtles; to baby sharks, giant clams, and anemones. Three-day time dives are scheduled every day except on arrival and departure days. When you arrive you can do a check dive on the house reef to get yourself ready to go. You will typically be assigned a dive master and a regular group to go out with. There are no more than four to a group and you may have less depending on interest in the dive site or time. Two groups to a boat, so it doesn't get crowded. If there is interest in night dives, they are also set up with a lead dive master and are done on the house reef at early sunset. These are special dives where the main attraction is the Mandarin fish which can be coaxed out for some beautiful pictures. Most of the dive sites are no more than fifteen minutes from the resort, but that can vary dramatically given the currents and how strong are. You must be wary of the currents and stay with your dive master who will evaluate any change in the dive plan. Magic Mountain, Boo Windows, and Nudi Rock; are all magnificent sites to not miss. Nitrox is provided for free, and the dive center provides you with space to keep your gear and rinse items post-dive. In between dives, your gear will be stored on your assigned boat, so there is no need to take anything with you that you don't need. Snorkeling You can snorkel at any time in the lagoon or on the south side beach where the coral nursery is located. Both are amazing places where you can see a plethora of marine life in fairly shallow water (<20ft). Venturing outside these areas to explore the island can be done, but the currents must be taken into account. You will want to advise the staff that you are doing so, just in case you drift off and need help getting back. Some of the excursions may also have an opportunity to snorkel, but you will have to check and see. Excursions There are usually several special trips you can partake in depending on the interest of the group. Solo trips to a secluded beach, a sunset couples trip, a hike to the top of a nearby vista, and swimming in a heart-shaped lagoon are all possibilities. Maybe you will be lucky enough to visit jelly fish lake. Paddle Boards Stand-up paddle boards are available to tour the beach and lagoon, as well as venture to the adjacent islands. The same caution is advisable with the currents and letting the staff know where you may be headed. DPVs If you have never been driven around by a propulsion vehicle, this is your chance! They can be used on both dives and to scooter around the area. You will get some training, and most likely a guide, and you are on your way. You cover a lot more area with these, and they can handle the current for you as needed. Cruise slow and take it all in, or swim with the fish as you will. Cooking Class This may be the highlight of your trip if you enjoy making food. You will spend your time with the kitchen team learning how to prepare one of their special meals. You get to do all the prep and sous chef work, and then eat the fruits of your labor. Their cookbook is not to be missed. Accommodations and Places Beach Villas These absolutely beautiful villas are on the south beach and provide a nearly private beach area for each unit. You can walk right in and snorkel to see amazing things right outside your entry. There are no waves to speak of since this is its own private enclave, similar to a lagoon. Visitors will tread a staircase and path over the rise to descend into the north lagoon area for all the activities. Try not to forget something once you cross over, as the traversal is a jaunt. They will provide a boat to come get you or take you back with gear and other items should you need assistance. Over the Water Villas and Cottages All of these accommodations have stairs to the lagoon so you can drop in at any time. The largest Villa (Utara) has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a loft to host 2 couples and kids. All of these places are connected to the main area by a walking deck. Depending on where you are located you may be on the inside of the lagoon or facing the open sea over the reef. The sun sets on this side of the property and provides for wonderful evenings on the deck. The Hive This is a newly constructed facility during Covid in 2022. It hosts the dive center and lounge area with private overlooks. All of your dive activities and information will be on the ground floor. Upstairs are cubby holes for your room to store anything you don't want to carry back and forth. Books, Internet connectivity, things to buy, and unforgettable views await you from this perch overlooking the channel and open ocean. A cup of coffee and the sunrise are all you need from one of the outdoor benches. Camera Center For those who want their own area to set up their camera gear, there are ample stations complete with power and power strips to plug in and set up whatever you need to capture your adventures. Early in the morning, you will find the photography enthusiasts tending to their gear and sharing interesting topics and pictures they have captured. Just ask and anyone will be willing to help you with something they captured or a tip on getting a great picture.

  • Bonaire

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